10:00 AM
Levi Earl Burdge

A man from rural Neosho man has been charged with first-degree assault for allegedly shaking his girlfriends baby into a coma on February 10, 2010.

Twenty-one year-old Levi Early Burdge told investigators with the Newton County Sheriff's Office that he was watching the four-month-old little girl and that she was fussy from teething.

Burdge told cops that he was rubbing the baby girl's gums with ice and that the ice cube slipped from his hands and fell down her throat, and he began shaking her to dislodge it.

Doctor's treating the infant say her injuries are consistent with those of shaken baby syndrome. One of the physicians treating her says she has an old brain injury that was likely caused from being shaken.

Newton County Sheriff Ken Copeland says, there is a possibility that the baby girl could suffer from blindness or may not ever be able to walk or talk as a result of her injuries.

Burdge posted $50,000 bond. Online court records do not say when he will next appear in court.