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Authorities in Camden County need your help in locating their most wanted fugitive.

Larry Anthony Arbuckle , 50, has been on the run since October of 2009 after he allegedly sexually assaulted a 27 year-old mentally handicapped woman and her two year-old little boy.

Arbuckle has been charged with first degree child molestation, forcible sodomy, forcible rape, sexual assault, deviate sexual assault and two counts of first degree statutory sodomy.

What makes the crimes even more heinous is that he reportedly smoked pot with the woman and gave her Viagra in her already diminished mental state.

The victims 7 year-old son is the one who told cops about Arbuckle's alleged crimes.

A truck driver, Arbuckle's last know address is in Sunrise Beach, however he has relatives Poplar Bluff and Arkansas.

When Arbuckle's father confronted him about the allegations, he bolted from the big rig the two drove in Edmond, Oklahoma and hasn't been seen since. Investigators believe he has been in touch with family members.

Detective Wendy Kost of the Camden County Sheriff's Office says that Arbuckle has been known to, "frequent the gay community and target older women who have recently been widowed for financial gain." She says that he also targets young boys as well. "Our goal is to find him and have him answer these charges," Kost says.

If you can help cops locate Arbuckle call the Camden County Sheriff's Office at 573-346-2243 or America's Most Wanted anonymous tip hot line at 1-800-CRIME-TV or call 9-1-1.

More information can also be viewed at the Camden County Sheriff's Office Facebook page.

Arbuckle's case will be profiled on America's Most Wanted on Feb. 13 at 8 p.m.