11:47 AM
John Bartleson III

An Oklahoma high school history teacher has been busted by the Jasper County cyber crime task force.

Cops say that John Bartelson III, 46, Mannford, OK, started chatting win an undercover cop posing as a 13 year-old "girl" in September. Court documents say that Bartleson allegedly steered that and subsequent conversations into a sexual ones. They also say he exposed himself to the "girl" via webcam.

Bartleson, who is in jail in Creek County pending extradition to Missouri, is charged with four counts of sexual misconduct with a child under 15.

Court documents indicate that Bartelson tried to lure the teen into meeting him in person and encouraged her to watch pornography that involved teachers and students.

Bartleson, who is a history teacher at Charles Page High School in Sands Spring, Oklahoma, is being held on without bond.


Anonymous said...

Saturday, January 2, 2010
Jasper County Cyber Sex Crimes Unit Busts High School Teacher:

It is my understanding that this case was dismissed because of criminal entrapment on the part of Jasper County. Am I correct?