1:42 PM

A forty five year-old man from Branson has pleaded guilty in federal court to producing child pornography.

Ronald Darling admitted that he used a minor as young a six months-old to produce child pornography between Dec. 3, 2003, and Oct. 27, 2006. Darling also admitted that he received and distributed child pornography over the Internet.

When Darling’s computer equipment was examined, investigators found thousands of images of child pornography, including numerous images of the child pornography that Darling admitted to producing with an infant.

By pleading guilty today, Darling also agreed to forfeit to the government two digital cameras, a desktop computer, a laptop computer, an external hard drive, a scanner and a printer that were used to commit the offenses.

Under federal statutes, Darling is subject to a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years in federal prison without parole, up to a sentence of 50 years in federal prison without parole, plus a fine up to $500,000. A sentencing hearing will be scheduled after the completion of a presentence investigation by the United States Probation Office.


Anonymous said...

Lock him up with Pete Newman. Birds of a feather flock together.

Anonymous said...

50 years isnt long enough for this crime.