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The suspected murderer in the September 2008 death of a Joplin toddler has skipped bond. Now cops and the bonding company who posted Byron D. Lang's million dollar bail want him back behind bars.

Byron Lang (courtesy Joplin police)

Cpl Chuck Niess says that Byron Lang failed to appear in court and is believed to have fled to Texas. Recent information obtained by the Joplin Police Department is that Lang has returned to the Joplin area, probably for Christmas

Kyler DeShawn Jones

On September 2nd, 2008, two-year old Kyler DeShawn Jones was taken to St. John’s Express Care at 1313 S. Range Line Road unconscious and not breathing by his babysitter....the little boy was pronounced dead about 15 minutes later.

Investigative reports say that the little boy had multiple bruises covering his body. An autopsy performed on the toddler was inconclusive, however, the coroners ruling revealed that Kyler's death wasn't an accident.

After a five-and-a-half month long investigation authorities said the cause of Kyler's death was blunt force trauma to the the little boys abdomen.

Lang with his son (courtesy of Joplin police)

The Joplin police department is asking for the public's help in finding Lang. Niess says if you see him call 9-1-1 or the Joplin PD at 417-623-3131.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Lang was not on a regular bond with a bonding company when he left the Jail in McDonald County he posted a "code" bond to the courts, with a lawyer. I don't think there is any bonding company keeping eyes open for him.

AmyH said...

He needs to die. Anyone who could do that to a defenseless little child does not belong on this Earth.

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree! but once caught, he will be another useless piece of garbage the state is paying to house at the tune of 40k per yr. while he plays b-ball, lifts weights, watches tv, and can even get an education free. they need to back to life at hard labor! when will the pple finally rise up and say enough cuddling of the criminals?

Anonymous said...

I watched Byron grow up in Texas. He was a nice young kid and just ended up in a bad home situation with no decent parents in his life. This whole situation is sad all the way around. He was captured yesterday. I hope he can own up for his actions.

Anonymous said...

Just because Byron ended up in a bad home environment doesn't give him an excuse to murder a defenseless child. I don't feel anything for him at all. He chose his actions and he deserves what he gets. I am a family memeber of Kylers and it's time that Kyler gets justice!

Anonymous said...

I never said he didn't have an excuse. I am saying these parents who so called raised him this way should feel like crap as parents for not teaching their children to be better men. Instead of his mom smoking weed with him and gang banging like she did she should of taught him to be a real man. I hope he does pay to bad his sorry mom could not pay too!

Anonymous said...

In regards to Byron Lang conviction
the tone of the opinions previously expressed have the right to their opinions but I have a questionn. Where are your children and were you a customer and now pissed off that you can't score or just Inbred