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Evin Davis AKA Charles Hedstrom

Authorities in Berryville, Arkansas are releasing a few more details in the death of twenty four year-old Chris Helmlinger.

A news release from the Berryville police department says that Helmlinger was reported missing by relatives to the Carroll County Sheriffs office on October 4th.

Detective Robert Bartos says that Helmlinger was last seen at Tyson Foods in Green Forest on September 28th.

On October 18th, a resident of the Glen Echos trailer park discovered a "strange mound" of dirt and called police.....a shovel was found nearby. Helmlinger was found in the shallow grave, he had been shot once in the head.

Chris Helmling (family photo)

During the course of the investigation into Helmlinger's murder, investigators discovered that a man by the name of Charles Hedstrom spent a lot of time with Helmlinger while the two worked together at Tyson.

The night that Helmlinger's body was discovered, Hedstrom and his family packed up and left town, according to the release.
Witnesses also told cops that Hedstrom had been seen in the area where Helmlinger's body was found with a shovel.

When authorities started delving into Hedstrom's past, they discovered that the man was actually Evin Davis, and he was wanted in Missouri.

Police caught up with Davis' wife, Melissa Davis, when she went to Tyson Foods to pick up her last paycheck.

Melissa Davis (above)

At first Melissa Davis refused to tell authorities where they would find her husband. She was charged with hindering apprehension....a few days later prosecutors charged her with capital murder by accessory. She is being held on $1 MILLION dollars bond.

Evin Davis turned himself into authorities in McAllen, Texas after he learned of his wife's arrest.

Prosecutors say they believe Davis killed Helmlinger because he wanted to assume his identity or possibly because Helmlinger was going to turn Davis in....or a combination of both.

Evin Davis has been charged with capital murder and is being held without bond.


Anonymous said...

I hope he gets the death penalty. What a terrible tragedy.

Anonymous said...

He and his wife should get the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

I hope they both recieve the death penalty...They took christopher from his family and all his friends for nothing..