7:50 AM
Johnny Schwartz mug shot

A news conference is scheduled for this morning in Webster County in connection to an Amish man who has been charged with several sex offenses involving his children.

Johnny Schwartz was charged with statutory sodomy and child molestation last month for the alleged sexual abuse of his daughters that went on for several years.

His wife, Fannie (a.), is facing two charges of endangering the welfare of a a child for not telling authorities what was going on with her girls.

In a probable cause statement filed with the charges, Schwartz' daughters told investigators that their dad was "punished by the church" for what he did to them.

When asked last month if the elders of the Amish community could face charges for not reporting the crimes as they are required to by law as mandated reporters, a spokesman for Attorney General Chris Kosters office said that they would assist prosecutors with their case if asked to step in.


Anonymous said...

These self-righteous people don't have a problem with sexual abuse of their own CHILDREN, but they're sure convicted about a lot of stuff that doesn't even matter. Modern-day Pharisees. Sickening.