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A Boone County jury has found a Springfield man guilty of second-degree murder and second-degree assault of emergency personnel in the death of Cox North security guard Monte Ruby in August of 2008.
The jury got the case that had been unfolding in that courtroom for the last three days about 4:30 this afternoon (10-28-09.) After about two and a half hours of deliberations the jury was back with the guilty verdicts.

The jury agreed with Greene County prosecutors that Jeffery Bolden, 42, caused the death of Cox North security guard Monte Ruby when he kicked the sixty two year-old man in the head when he became combative as a patient in the emergency room.


Bolden, was taken to the hospital for treatment of a K-9 dog bite after officers arrested him as part of an investigation into an alleged arson case.

Defense attorney Clate Baker says that the police dog, "chewed Bolden's leg down to the bone," and that the kick from his client was just a reaction to him being in pain from the wound, and techniques that officers and Ruby were using to subdue Bolden.

Witnesses called to the stand yesterday said that Bolden was calling Ruby names and taunting him about his daughters suicide.

Ruby's wife testified that her family knew Boldens father for, "over 40 years."

Baker called a medical examiner who testified that the cause of Ruby's death could have come from a previous neck wound, and Ruby's high blood pressure--coupled with the mounting tension in the emergency room caused Ruby to have a stroke.

Bolden is scheduled to be sentenced on December 14th.

The case was moved to Boone County on a change of venue after extensive media coverage.


Jason said...

Good to see justice was done.