9:38 AM
Sandra Bryant-Littles (Christian County Headliner)

A ranch hand employed by Christian County Assessor Sandra Bryant-Littles and her husband, Lonnie Littles, has pleaded not guilty to federal fraud charges.

Jesse D. Rice, 56, was arrested Oct. 15th at the Littles Paco Cala Ranch and charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and one count of bank fraud for allegedly lying about the theft of 63 head of cattle in a scheme to defraud the Littles insurance company and bank.

The cattle, that were used as collateral for a bank loan, were sold---but reported as stolen to the Christian County Sheriff's Office.

Lonnie Utah Littles is facing the same charges as Rice...his arraignment was continued to Nov. 9.

In a separate but related case, Bryant-Littles, 50, of Clever, is facing federal mail fraud charges for allegedly failing to properly assess her own property.

Her arraignment was also continued to Nov. 9.

Don Ledford, spokesman for the US Attorney for The Western District of Missouri Matt Whitworth says that the Littles are expected to enter a not guilty plea that day.


Timeshare Jake said...

I got my yearly statement to list my property. I can't beleive Christian County had the nerve enough to send it in an envelope with Sandra Bryant Littles name on it.