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Authorities in McDonald County are working in conjunction with cops from Benton County, Arkansas following the discovery of a pickup truck belonging to two women who vanished from Bentonville on June 18th.

Surveillance footage shows 81-year-old Louise Bishop and her 40-year-old daughter, Christina Bishop -- who also goes by the last name of Johansen -- shopping at the Sam's Club in Bentonville on June 18th. That is the last time they were seen.

Louise Bishop

A relative of the women, George Skupien, who is a retired Chicago area police detective told investigators he spoke to Christina Bishop on the phone after the women had returned from shopping.

After not hearing from Christina Bishop for two days, Skupien went to their home and found the women's house unlocked with groceries on the counter, and the burglar alarm turned off.

Christina Bishop-Johansen

There has been no activity on the women's bank accounts since they went missing...and
personal items and medication left behind lead police to believe the women were abducted.

That same day (June 18th) their black 1997 Tacoma extended cab pickup turned up in the parking lot of a Jane, Missouri strip club where it sat until August 20th when the owner of Club Hots had it towed to Avoca, AR. Avoca is about 19 miles from the women's home. The pickup is now at the state crime lab in Little Rock.

Skupien, said he worried about some of Christina Bishop's friends."She had friends that were not the best of people, and it really concerns me," he said. Authorities in Bentonville say that Christina Bishop had some run-ins with police, mostly for alcohol-related offenses.

In another odd twist in the case, someone wrote a message in lipstick on the pickups windshield... it read, "Free car, just tow me."

The family of the missing women is offering a $5,000 reward for any information on their whereabouts; if you have any information on the Bishop's disappearance call the Bentonville police at 479-271-3173.

Maps of where house is and where truck was found:


****Greg Brock contributed to this story


Anonymous said...

I live in Idaho,Louise is our Aunt, her late husband Lacey is my X-mother-n-laws brother. I still call her my Aunt even though I am not married to her nephew.. She is a wonderful woman.. I just don't feel there is enough being done to find her..
Sandy Christensen

Anonymous said...

It is pretty bad when the Bishop family isn't being updated on their relatives disappearance. The only way they are finding out is through a friend and looking on the internet. Seems like the family or police would call them and let them know. They think the world of Louise too.

Kathee Baird said...

I would like to speak with the members of the family if possible.

My phone number is 417-224-1897.

Anonymous said...

I have read the comments here and trust me I am just as upset as you. Louise is my great aunt on my father's side. I have to find out things on the internet myself too. It is upsetting my whole side of her family as well. There is barely any communication between anyone. It is really sad.