2:14 PM

Results from the state crime lab are back in the investigation of an Ozarks businessman found shot to death in a service garage of a car dealership he co-owned.

Sgt. Dan Bracker says that he cannot comment on what the evidence or results are because it involves an ongoing investigation.

Rufus Church was found dead in a garage that is adjacent to the former Ozark Dodge dealership on March 23rd from a shotgun blast to the chest. Ozark police chief Lyle Hodges has released very little information regarding the investigation into Church's death only that it was being investigated as a homicide.

However, in May Christian County coroner Arthur Adams amended Church's death certificate from 'homicide' to 'pending investigation'. Adams says, "I amended the original death certificate that I signed regarding Rufus Church from homicide to pending investigation after information was brought to me by the Highway Patrol and the Ozark Police Department."

It's been over ninety days since Church was found dead and there still are no real answers on what caused Church's death from anyone that has the ability to answer the questions.
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