12:55 PM
Sheriff Ron Peckman (above)
Authorities in Vernon County and investigators with the Missouri State Highway Patrol began investigating the "suspicious death" of a woman north of Deerfield this morning. Now that has investigation has turned into a homicide investigation.

Vernon County Sheriff Ron Peckman says, "a friend of Belinda Jean Beisly, 47, called our office to check the well being of the woman yesterday (07-15-09) after she hadn't shown up for work at 3M, or called in sick. Peckman said deputies went to her home on Route H about 4:15 p.m. and found her dead."

Peckman, won't comment on if there were any signs of a struggle in the house or if Beisley's death could have been a murder for hire. "Were holding to ourselves so that we can finish up some interviews." Peckman adds that he won't comment on any suspect/s until we get more information."
Vernon County coroner, David Ferry, says an autopsy "showed Mrs. Beisly died, "of multiple gunshot wounds."

Peckman says that investigators are interviewing "several persons of interets "that had contact with Beisly in the days leading up to her death.
Belinda Beisly was separated from her husband, Bob BeislyII, and living with her son at the time of her murder. Friends say the family owns Rockin' B Ranch North of Deerfield, and her estranged husband runs Beisly Oil in Nevada.


Anonymous said...

if u didnt know ron peckmans wife was arrested for belinda's murder last night 8-12-09

Anonymous said...

It's funny, I look on case.net and cast much suspicion on bob true beisly who had just sued belinda beisly less than a month before. If one looks at the record, Belinda has filed several protective actions against Mr. Bob True Beisly but I can tell from observing another southwest Mo. separation/divorce (cahalan v cahalan) that it was likely Mr. Bob True Beisly had both the most to gain as well as the most to lose surrounding the life and death of Belinda Beisly. Follow the money. I am sitting hundreds and hundreds of miles away on a freaking computer and its blatantly obvious. Women are disposable chattel in this part of Missouri according to my observations Missouri's ineffectual legal system and family courts. When they're no longer desired, women are expected to go away quietly. (and a MALE is typing this by the way) The question is, is the good `ol boy network going to cover this one up too because Mr. Bob True Beisly is very well connected? I think if you want to solve this one you may need the feds to intervene if Mr. Peckman has not made an arrest yet.

Anonymous said...

case.net actually has bob true biesly III arrested on 7/24/2009 as "in posession of a handgun and posession of a controlled substance less than 35g." 9 days after the murder.

And yet no suspect is named?

Someone needs to call the FBI because something stinks in Vernon County when it comes to separation, divorce, no effectual protection for women whatsoever because its a man's world and...women ARE chattel in vernon county. Judgment after judgment after judgment is against women. Nothing better than the secret closed trial of cahalan v. cahalan and a resultant award of the entire estate being awarded to the male to underscore that and here we are with another local good ol boy that needs only make bail if he hasn't already and he's a free man.


Anonymous said...

In accordance to the first comment, I too read on some other message board that there may have been some personal involvement with Mr.Peckman and the deceased.

I don't know if that is true (because I am hundreds of miles away and not privy to neighborhood gossip) but if it were true, Peckman should be recusing himself from this investigation and its an even better reason to take it out of the hands of the good ol boy network and into the hands of state or federal investigators.

However, this may also be a ploy by someone well connected in the community that has already been popped a few times for violating related orders to discredit Peckman by spreading a rumor that undermines the investigation.

Regarding Mrs. Peckman being arrested? I see no public record of such a thing but I'm an open minded sort. What do you say there in Missouri... "show me"?

Anonymous said...

Belinda Biesly filed for an order of protection in February. Interestingly enough, Judge Quitno denied that order of protection.

Furthermore, some 20 days before Belinda's untimely demise, Bob True Biesly III files suit against Belinda Biesly and another party in Kansas. Chris Hoberock gets the part of the lawsuit dismissed against his Kansas based client being sued in a Missouri court, leaving a suit standing against Belinda Biesly.

Suddenly whatever the suit alleges lacks the deep pockets of another party and now its all about revenge. Enraged, a murder was likely plotted. 9 Days after the murder a probable cause warrant was issued by the same Judge Quitno who had earlier denied the protective order against one Bob True Biesly III of Nevada, Mo and he was taken into custody for unlawful posession of a weapon and having narcotics other than less than 35 grams of marijuana in his posssession. You won't find this in your local 'feel good' newspapers. In fact, there has been no announcement whatsoever about Bob Biesly III being taken into custody or what the probable cause warrant was for. A murder has been committed, the primary suspect was arrested some form of bail was set (but I cannot tell if Bob True Biesly III made bail...) and his attorney attended a bail reduction hearing which was denied.

And yet, there is not one single peep from the courts, the sheriff's department or the media about all of these facts.

Ladies and gentlemen unless an announcement is forthcoming, you are witnessing a coverup to a murder in action.

What planet are you people on that you would permit your sheriff and the corrupt 28th circuit court to just silently shovel this to the side without asking them some hard questions while women in the 28th circuit continue to needlessly die at the hands of these judges who all universally believe that women are chattel and need to go away quietly when their partners no longer desire them... or risk death by staying in the area?

Case after case.... the entire 28th circuit court needs to be dismissed and the State Supreme Court needs to put the 28th circuit under the Missouri plan and re-assign COMPETENT judges that won't railroad women into poverty or death.

It will only happen by the will of the citizenry and voters and getting involved. Call the courts, call Ron Peckman, Call the State police, call the newspapers, call the radio and television stations, LOOK ON CASE.NET yourself and connect the freaking dots and apply significant pressure on the local good ol boys to announce his arrest and the reason for the "probable cause" warrant and the ballistics investigation from said weapon which any competent lab would have already concluded.

Make them solve this murder and in doing so, condemn themselves for inaction.

Theres something rotten and if it isn't evident to you, you have your head in the sand.

Kathee Baird said...

Sheriff Peckman's wife was NOT arrested for the death of Belinda Beisley.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in this small town my entire life, and I do feel like there have been a lot of things covered up for the "best interest" of our community. The "people" who run this town need to get their heads on straight! Hiding "bad" things in this town doesn't make them go away or bring great things here. There needs to be a serious reorganization of this town before no one wants to stay here. If this had happened to your family member, would you want it covered up to protect the reputation of the town? That's what I feel it is. Too many people trying to make Nevada smell like a rose-but it stinks like a skunk!

Anonymous said...

I have experience in the Vernon Co Sheriff's office as a deputy and what i can say is that it would be in best interest for the people of nevada to call the feds

Kathee Baird said...

Anon that is the deputy, would you please call me at 417-224-1897 or email me at meyer_news@hotmail.com

I promise I will keep your name confidential. I just know there is more to this story. Is it true that RP and BB were having an affair?

Anonymous said...

This blog has more to do with the legal system as It may not be directly associated to the Biesley MURDER, it does reflect the legal system in Nevada and vernon county,I have also had an experience with the sherif's office, and the court system. I had walked into the office to share my concerns for my children and abuse toward them with a deputy, the deputy called there mothers boyfriend to find out what the problem was, and explained to my daughter that my actions were and I qoute" retarded", my children were givin back to thier mother after I had custody for more than 18 months, by Judge Mc Beth, now my children are in the custody of thier mother who works at a bar and her boyfriend a local buisness owner, spends most of his time day and night at the same bar while my daughter takes care of them, my daughter is 16.
Nevada really needs to take a good look at what we are turning our heads to and remember that they are as responable for the well being of their community as the system can't be.
In closing we are blessed with a few good atourneys, and good judges if we support them maybe we can change how they support us

Anonymous said...

Why can't murders be solved in Vernon Co.? The Srywise girl (sp), the girl from the gas station out on the hill east of town. The LITTLE GIRL IN THE POND SOUTH OF TOWN!! That is the one that really bothers me.. The fellow who was playing "ball" with her, needs looked at further..

BartenderBill said...

Having lived in Vernon County for 35 yrs (I have since excaped that hell hole) I too can attest to the corruption that exists there among law enforcement and court officials. When the mosher murder occurred, I told both the sherriff at the time and the prosecutor about the encounter I had with D. Houdeshell 2 nights previous, and they both just ignored the information. Could it be that Houdeshells' parents have close ties with both? So this guy gets 24 years for what should have been a capital case....amazing.

Anonymous said...

I would like more info on the LITTLE GIRL IN THE POND south of town...I keep up with happenings in Nevada, and I must have missed this one. wmkangas@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Out of curiousity I was following up on this event and sadly I see that nobody has even posted on this tragic event since January. This is June. I didn't even know Belinda, but I have not forgot her. I remember seeing postings in business windows in town. The law enforcement here is so crooked.

Anonymous said...

It has been a year in Bea's murder. No peep from anyone. How can we(me) get either the Feds involved or something like America's most wanted involved? Think it is going to take an outside influence, especially the media, to get this case moving.
Any help would be most appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Actually Bob True Beisly III was NOT Belinda's husband, he is her step-son. If you had done your research you would know that Bob T. Beisly II was her ex husband. Sorry to burst your "the ex husband has the most to gain financially". Bob III had nothing to gain from her death.
And yes, Belinda and Peckman were having an affair.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have talked to some of Belinda's family and they confirmed that she was having an affair with the sheriff. Also, one pperson told me that the gun came from the sheriff's evidence locker.

Anonymous said...

About time there was action on this case...YEAH for a new sheriff in town!

Anonymous said...

I love how everyone posts that Belinda was some angel of a woman. She beat her child on a regular basis-I've seen the bruises. She was involved with criminals, and sometimes when you're involved in crime you get hurt.

Anonymous said...

I think its sad i knew belinda and she deserves to be justified. I think of her often and pray for TB and hope that good things will influence his life so he may have a no thugs..drugs..or drama good life ahead of him. Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey BartenderBill, could you contact me if you see this note? I'd like to hear your info on the Mosher case...



Anonymous said...

Re: missing girl in Eldon and girl found in 1980 in Nevada, Mo in pond

Tammy was last seen at Eldon High School at approximately 7:45 a.m. on May 16, 1984. The school is just across the street from her home in Eldon, Missouri. Her mother's live-in boyfriend, Martin Dean "Marty" Priest, said she didn't go inside the building and he pulled up on the curb to find out where she was going. Tammy supposedly told him she was going to skip school and meet friends at Rock Island Park, and Priest said he offered to take her there. She was last seen getting into a blue Plymouth outside the school. Tammy never attended classes that day and has never been heard from again. Her family reported her missing that afternoon.
Photographs of Priest are posted below this case summary. In 1980, four years before Tammy disappeared, he had been sentenced to 25 years in prison for second-degree murder in the death of a 13-year-old girl in Nevada, MO. He was released after three years when the verdict was overturned on appeal. After Tammy's disappearance, he was implicated in a Christmas 1984 double homicide in Kansas. The victims were William Mayhugh and Freida Bayliff. Priest was acquitted of in Bayliff's death but convicted of Mayhugh's murder and sentenced to life in prison. In 1987, while he was incarcerated, he was charged with murder and aggravated robbery in connection with the shooting death of 15-year-old girl, Katrina Cheely, in 1984. Her body wasn't found for four months. A jury acquitted Priest at his trial in that case. He remains incarcerated in a Kansas prison.

Priest is the prime suspect in Tammy's disappearance, but he has never been charged in connection with her case. Foul play is suspected in Tammy's disappearance, which remains unsolved.

Kathee Baird said...

@ anon 111-19:

What is Tammy's last name?