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It's been nearly two weeks since three members of a Cole Camp family were found shot to death in their home.

Investigators have been tight lipped about what they are looking at in the deaths of Donnie, Sharon and Taron Luetjen. But last Thursday we got a peek inside the case in Cole Camp police chief Storm Walker's weekly column in the Cole Camp Courier newspaper.

  • A suspicious vehicle: "There was a light colored colder Chevrolet S10 Pickup with a fitted camper shell seen in the area of the residence. We need to see if anyone else has seen this vehicle and also information on who it belongs to."

  • A suspicious person: "There is a report of a man wearing a white, hooded shirt seen in Water Tower Park (which is directly across the street from the Luetjen home) on Sunday afternoon. We also need to know if anyone else has seen this person and also his identity if known."

  • Suspicious men: "Sunday between 2 and 3 P.M. there were three or four males seen talking to MR. Luetjen in his front yard. We would like to know who they were and if anyone saw them at that time."

  • Request for information: "We also need information on Mr. Luetjen's activities Sunday afternoon and evening for those who may have seen him or had contract during that time."

Chief Walker estimates that authorities have spent over 1500 man hours on the investigation thus far. He says "we are continually following up on leads and tips and processing a large amount of physical evidence."

Walker asks if anyone has leads or any of this information about the Luetjens murders to call his office at 660-668-2321.

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