12:23 PM

Authorities investigating the triple murders of a Cole Camp family are still waiting on forensic evidence to come back from the state crime lab.

Donnie, Sharon and Taron Luetjen were found shot to death inside their Elm Street home on June 9th. Investigators believe that they were killed on June 7th or 8th.

Cole Camp police chief Storm Walker released new deatils in the Luetjen murders last week. He says that they had hoped to have that evidence back by June 19th, but as of yesterday morning they were still waiting on it.

Walker says in his weekly column in the Cole Camp Courier, "unlike the CSI shows on television it takes more than and hour to accomplish these tasks and we are working diligently preparing our case and identifying the suspect(s). It is frustrating as I get impatient for results but I am confident we will solve the case."

Walker says that people who are making up stories and fabricating information to impress their friends are not helping the investigation, "we get this information reported to us and then we have to follow up on it. It uses up valuable time and often takes us in the wrong direction."

The Chief says that investigators received the Luetjens telephone records this week, "and the were minimally helpful."

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