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Benton County authorities and investigators with the Missouri Highway Patrol are in the early stages of a suspicious death investigation in Cole Camp.

Authorities say that a friend called police about 11:30 a.m. today (06-09-09) when she became concerned that she had not seen or heard from her friend in a couple of days.

A family friend says that police were called when the girl did not show up for her drivers ed class Monday and again today.

When police arrived at the crime scene on Elm Street they say "suspicious circumstances" prompted them ask the court for a search warrant for the property.

That warrant was granted about 5:00 this evening. When cops entered the residence about 5:15 they discovered a teenager and her grandparents dead.

Sources say the dead are, 15 year-old Taron Dion Luetjen (b.), and her grandparents, Donnie and Sharon Luetjen.

Taron, was found dead near her grandparents who had custody of the teen. Sources say the grandparents had recently come into a substantial amount of money.

Authorities believe the Luetjen's may have been killed on Sunday or Monday.

Taron's father died when she was an infant, and her mother who lives in Buffalo, Missouri was at work when the killings took place according to a a relative.

Authorities are trying to piece together what happened inside the house and have not released a cause of death.

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