2:39 PM

Jeffery Grinder (l.) and Calvin Adams

The two prison inmates who dressed as correction officers to break out of the Cummins Unit in Grady, Arkansas have been captured in upstate New York.

Jeffery Grinder and Calvin Adams were stopped in the 2003 Hyundai Sonata that had been left for them outside of the prison today during a routine traffic stop for not using a turn signal. They had switched the Arkansas plates with Missouri plates that read 9AB-81M.

The car crashed into the street pole at the corner of Maple Street and Cameron Avenue where they left the vehicle with the key still in the ignition and attempted to flee. Hornell is about 90 miles southeast of Buffalo.

Three people have been charged with aiding in Grinder and Adams escape, and five prison guards have been placed on unpaid leave in connection with murderers escape. They were guarding the entrance and exit of the prison when Grinder and Adams walked through the prison entrance dressed in guards uniforms.