10:55 AM
A Christian County man charged with kidnapping and killing an elderly woman in 2003 was bound over for trial this morning.

Prosecutors allege that Billy Wayne Hall helped kill sixty eight year-old Freda Heyn (a.) because he was afraid that Heyn was going to turn he and his former sister-in-law, Paula Hall, in for making methamphetamine.

Christian County chief assistant prosecutor Donovan Dobbs (b.) called two witnesses for the state, Detective Terry Owen and David Epperson. The state alleges that Hall kidnapped Heyn from her Oldfield home and brought her to Eppersons residence where she was killed.

Hall, was originally charged with second-degree murder in 2006, however those charges were dropped because of evidentiary matters. Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek re-filed murder and kidnapping charges against Hall after evidence was presented at Paula Hall's murder trial that implicated him in Heyns death in February.

Billy Wayne Hall ran from authorities for several weeks after he was re-charged in the case. He was apprehended by the U. S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force at a friends house in Taney County on March 31st.

A jury found Paula Hall (a.) guilty for her part in Heyn's death. She was sentenced to twenty years in prison last month.

Billy Hall will be arraigned in Circuit Court on July 10th.

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