12:31 PM

A Nixa man has decided that representing himself in a murder trial might not be such a wise move after all.

Aaron Michael Letterman had been working pro se through many motion and discovery hearings connected with his second-degree murder and armed criminal action case. However, the attorney he once fired, Stuart Huffman, will be his lead counsel after re-entering the case last Friday.

Letterman was charged two years ago with the hatchet killing of 44 year-old Tyla Rhodelander of Lebanon.

Letterman's uncle, Michael Humphrey, said the two met Rhodelander near a cemetery on E. Chestnut Expressway and asked her if she was looking for a place to stay. All three of them ended up in a homeless camp not far from not far from the cemetery.

Authorities say that Letterman and Rhodelander had spent some time alone in a tent, and that when his uncle told him he was going to have sex with the woman and followed her into her tent, "Letterman lost it."

Humphrey told investigators that he was in a tent with Rhodelander when Letterman allegedly unzipped the tent and attacked the woman with a hatchet.

Humphrey was busted a few days later and led cops to the homeless camp where Rhodelander's body was discovered...still in her tent.

According to a detective, a few days after the murder Humphrey took Letterman's mother to the homeless camp and showed her Rhodelander's body, after she told them she didn't believe that her son had killed someone.

Letterman turned himself in to authorities on May 2, 2007 but refused to talk about the case.