2:30 PM
The trial date for a Fort Leonard Wood Soldier accused of murdering another soldiers wife has beed rescheduled.

Spc. Jermaine Johnson's trial for the death of Myria Silva was to begin next Monday but is now slated to begin on June 29th.

Johnson’s arraignment was held March 6 at Fort Leonard Wood where he was also advised of his rights with regard to the court martial. During the arraignment Johnson did not enter a plea, which, under the military justice process, preserves his right to make any and all motions available to him.

Johnson, 26, was apprehended Oct. 14 by the Army’s Criminal Investigation Command at Fort Leonard Wood in connection with the death of Myria Silva, who authorities believe was killed on October 10, 2008.

Myria Silva, 23, was the spouse of Pfc. Benjamin Silva, who is assigned to the 4th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade at Fort Leonard Wood and the mother of two little girls.

Charges against Spc. Jermaine Johnson include:

  • Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article 107 – Intent to deceive or provide false statements

  • UCMJ, Article 118 – Premeditated Murder

  • UCMJ, Article 125 – one specification of sodomy against Myria Silva

  • UCMJ, Article 128 – one specification of assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm against Myria Silva

  • UCMJ, Article 134 – one specification of adultery; one specification of kidnapping; and one specification of obstructing justice

If convicted of all charges, the maximum punishment is life in prison without parole.

Johnson, an Army reservist with the 7223 Medical Support Detachment 10 from Mobile, Ala., was serving in Fort Leonard Wood’s General Leonard Wood Army Community Hospital as a health care specialist at the time of his arrest.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting an update. I haven't visited the site for a while but wanted to see if there was any new information. There may be nothing more than can be said in this matter but I think of Myria often and hope her family is doing well even though I know the hearing will dredge up feelings that they may have thought were resolved. I think of Jermaine as well and hope that he will find some way of making his life worthwhile inspite of a probable long incarceration.

Anonymous said...

That monsters life ceased to be worthy of anything when he took my Best Friends life. Death is too easy compared to what he deserves. Normally, I am a very peaceful person (Myria called me her "little hippie") but I have never harbored as much hate for any human being as I do for Jermaine Johnson. He deserves every form of torture he imposed on my girl, only repeated every day at 100 times the intensity. Unfortunantly, the best I can hope for is that someone sodomizes HIM (frequently)during his life sentence and that he suffers a long miserable life behind bars. I find my only peace in knowing that she is in a better place.

Anonymous said...

So why was she there again? If you feel sorry for anyone it should be the husband "a faithful American Soldier"