11:56 AM
Court documents filed in Taney County show Merriam Woods Police Chief Jerry Pagan was charged with misdemeanor third-degree assault in March after being arrested by Rockaway Beach Police.

Attorney Souder Tate has been assigned as special prosecutor in the case.

Pagan, is alleged to have assaulted Debbie Carpenter, wife of former Rockaway Beach Police Chief Bobby Carpenter at the Rockaway Beach Police Department on May 13, 2008... a year ago.

The misdemeanor third-degree assault charge comes with the notation of physical injury being added. Pictures filed with the case show that Carpenter had a bruise from the alleged incident on her arm.

No details are available as to what took place leading to the alleged assault or why it took a year to see charges filed.
The charges were filed on March 27th of this year, and Tate says he was assigned the case on April 17th and did not see any actual documents until April 27th. The statute of limitations would have run out on May 13th, last Wednesday.

Pagan is scheduled to be arraigned in Taney Associate Court on the charge June 8th in Forsyth.

****Greg Brock contributed to this story.



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So, what happened with this case?