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A Nixa pharmacist who was indicted in federal court for allegedly diluting prescription cough medicine and illegally possessing a powerful narcotic pain killer was still working in area pharmacies for over a year after his termination from the Christian County pharmacy where the alleged theft took place.

Jeffrey M. Gregory, 54, was arrested May 19 on a sealed four-count indictment by a federal grand jury, according to a statement from Acting U.S. Attorney Matt J. Whitworth.

The indictments allege that while Gregory worked for Family Pharmacy’s Nixa location in April 2008 he tampered with a prescription for the cough suppressant Tussionex by diluting the liquid--reducing its its quality and strength, and represented that the strength of the drug, and its purity and quality, were greater than they actually were; it is also alleged that he created fake prescriptions for Hydrocodone for his personal use.

Gregory was fired from Family Pharmacy on April 4, 2008, the day after the company was notified by a customer that their Tussionex prescription didn’t “look right,” according to Family Pharmacy President Lynn Morris.

The Christian County Headliner is reporting that after being terminated by Family Pharmacy, Gregory immediately went to work as a temporary pharmacist with Ivanrx4u, Inc., working in several Springfield area pharmacies.

The president of Ivanrx4u president says his company fired Gregory the same day the federal indictment was unsealed (05-19-09.)

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Jeff Gregory said...

I'm Jeff Gregory. Fired pharmacist continued filling scripts for a year after an incident. Still filling and living the "high life". Everybody out there who followed my sordid journey through the federal court system - just to let all of you know, I walked on the charges and didn't do a day behind bars. Hey, a game is a game. You know. And the big games, like the one I played against the DEA and FBI was not only the coolest, but so damn fun. And to anyone out there who is bored with they're life, just let go of the laws, cross those lines and live the rest of your life with the risks. To beat the feds for 42 years without getting caught has given me an incredibly colorful life. One filled with stories and memories which I wouldn't trade for anything. Now I'm just an old guy. But the memories I have and the stories I can tell would blow your mind. Rock on America. Never stand on the sidelines. Play.