4:33 PM

A Springfield woman charged with murdering her elderly stepfather is out of jail because of death threats within the Greene County jail.

Alexandrea McNeeley was released from jail and will have to wear an ankle bracelet and will be under house arrest.

Prosecutors say that McNeeley and five other people conspired to kill Stephen Rash last December.

I have a couple of questions, like, why couldn't they place her in a single cell or transfer her to another jail.
Look, I have the utmost respect for our law enforces, I know they are underpaid and the jail is understaffed and overloaded....but come on this isn't some petty crime!

So now an alleged killer is walking the streets of Springfield because her life is threatened......please!


chickarooni said...

She must be THE key witness is all I can conclude. Even then I am amazed at this decision by the PA and the judge. This is one of those times you wish you could be a fly on the wall.