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A LeClede County attorney, who is married to an associate circuit judge, is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow on a misdemeanor charge of first-degree sexual misconduct.

Forty eight year-old Eric Hutson was charged last Tuesday (04-14-09) for an incident that allegedly happened at his law office in October of last year.

Hutson is the husband of Judge Christine Hutson (b.)

In court documents a detective writes that Hutson was the guardian ad litem for a minor child of a woman who was involved in a custody dispute and during a meeting in Hutson's office he allegedly touched her in an inappropriate manner and attempted to expose her breast and kiss her.

When the detective interviewed Hutson the attorney denied any sexual contact but said he patted her hand, hugged her and "might" have told her he thought she was attractive... and that her husband was an "idiot to leave you."
Assistant Attorney General Ted Bruce has been brought in to represent the state as a special prosecutor.

Online court records indicated that Hutson's were divorced in 2004, but they have since remarried.
UPDATE (04-20-09):
Hutson was arraigned in court today and pleaded not guilty. His lawyer, S. Dean Price, requested a jury trial
That trial is scheduled to get underway October 14th in Laclede County.
UPDATE 08-04-12:

A Lebanon attorney who had been facing two counts of sexual misconduct will not be able to practice law in the state of Missouri for three years after he admitted to violating rules imposed by the states high court. to having affairs with an 18 year-old high school student and the mother of one of  his clients.
The Missouri Supreme Court handed Eric Hutson a three-year suspension, which goes into effect immediately, following an agreement between Hutson and the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Council. In that agreement, Hutson admitted to sexual relationships with an 18 year-old high school student, and the mother of another client.-
The Supreme Court's ruling notes that Hutson violated Supreme Court Rules 4-1.7 (conflict of interest: current client) and 4-8.4 (misconduct).
According to information The Lebanon Daily Record received from the Missouri Supreme Court's Communication Council Beth Riggert, Hutson may apply for reinstatement on July 30, 2015.  The petition will then be reviewed by the OCDC and any reinstatement would be subject to approval by the Supreme Court.
Hutson was charged with two counts of sexual misconduct in 2009 after the women claimed the now 52-year-old attorney made inappropriate sexual contact or advances.
According to the Missouri Attorney General Press Secretary Nanci Gonder, the criminal charges against him will be dismissed as a result of Hutson's agreement with the OCDC and the ruling of the Supreme Court.
"With the full support and recommendation of the victims, an agreement was reached with defendant Eric Hutson to dismiss the two misdemeanor counts pending against him if he voluntarily surrendered his license to practice law," Gonder wrote in an email to The Daily Record.


Divorce Case 2004:



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UPDATED: LeClede County Attorney-- Married To Judge-- Charged With First Degree Sexual Mixconduct:

Is there any way you can update this story? I heard that he plead guilty to these charges.

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I'm also interested in this case. I can't find any updates on case.net. All I can find is that it was moved to Johnson county and there was supposed to be a hearing set in sept of 2011 and it was cancelled... Hutson is a dirt bag.

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please update this story. eric should be in jail so should his wife.they work as a team i think.i read he was charged again with sexaul misconduct.this year 2012.