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The Springfield News Leader is reporting that Springfield City Councilman Ralph K. Manley will tender his resignation tonight, because he plans to move outside the city limits and because he failed to secure the vote from council for mayor pro tem.

Jason Wert at Life of Jason faithfully covers city council action, and at 7:05 tonight he blogged; 7:05pm…Mayor Pro Tem election. Councilman Rush nominates Councilman Manley. Councilman Bailes nominates Councilman Chiles. Councilman Stephens nominates Councilman Burlison. Mayor O’Neal closes nominations.
Votes: Burlison 3; Chiles 4; Manley 2. It requires five votes to get a Mayor Pro Tem.

Following tonight's city council meeting, Manley tossed his letter of resignation at newly elected mayor Jim O'Neal. After the meeting he told KY3 political reporter David Catanese that the mayor pro tem vote was, "an insult to someone of my honesty and integrity."

Manley, a World War II veteran and long-time Springfield real estate developer, has served on city council for the past 10 years, elected most recently in April 2007.

Four of those years were spent as mayor pro tem. Manley is a fixture at public events and ground-breaking's, where the 84-year-old is known for jumping in the air and handing out silver dollars.

Manley on Monday gave LOJ a copy of a letter he planned to give to newly-elected Mayor Jim O’Neal and fellow council members. In it, he said he was “grateful for the opportunity to have served this great city.”

City ordinance says that Mayor O'Neal will appoint Manley's replacement. However, that appointment will have to be approved by city council. Manley's current term runs until 2011.


To Honorable Mayor Jim O’Neal and City Council:

I am reminded of D-Day 1944 in Europe for the decision to invade France for the victory to end WWII (of which I was a part.) General Eisenhower wrote two hand written notes. One was that our troops had successfully invaded France and established a firm beachhead. The other note was the invasion was a failure and he took full responsibility for that failure. That note was never used.

So it is with this note. I have failed to get a majority of support from this current Council so it is with regrets that after 10 years of dedicated service to the Springfield City Council I hereby submit my resignation.

I plan to leave for France in May. My wife of 58 years passed away one year ago. Things have changed. I will be moving outside the Springfield city limits when I return.

I have tried to dedicate all my energy and knowledge and time to this city without any pay or compensation. I am grateful for the opportunity to have served this great city.

My wife of 58 years passed away over a year ago and things in my life have changed.

I will be going to France for a couple of weeks to help celebrate their liberation rom Nazi Germany. When I return I will be moving outside the Springfield city limits and will not be eligible to serve on city council any longer.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks to all who allowed me to serve this city.

God bless you.

Ralph K. Manley


SpeedyCycles said...

What a great guy! I am sorry for the loss of this wife. I have known Ralph for several years, and I think he has changed in recent day. As indicated in his letter as he repeats himself. I wish him well.

Patty Macdonnell -Smith said...

I did not think Mr. Manley was repeating himself at all. When leadership changes such as a new Mayor, new Governor, new head of any department , there is always a chance you will lose your job/position. I am glad to see Ralph Manley was not one to sit at home and worry about his resignation . He moved on with his life. There is always anew chapter to be written.