6:49 PM
It's been two and a half months since the skeletal remains of a man were found by a couple of construction workers on I-44.

Major Phil Corcoran of the Greene County Sheriff's Office says, "we have sent the bones and skull to the University of North Texas for advanced mitochondrial DNA testing and it could be a couple more months before we have any answers." He added, "a possible family member of the man's has been swabbed for DNA comparison."

Cops believe that the tarp was used as a makeshift tent and that the remains could have been there for a couple of years.

An identification card was found near the body in January. The descriptors on the ID card belong to a white man in his 50's, and seem to match the human remains that were found.

The sheriff's office "will not confirm nor deny," that the ID belongs to a known sex offender.

Investigators believe the mans was killed when a tree limb fell on him.