4:07 PM
St. John’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences at Southwest Baptist University says that it appears that longtime employee, A.P., allegedly misappropriated money from the school and has been fired.

A spokesman for the Springfield Police Department says that internal auditors at St. John's are reviewing accounts of the college and the hospital in Springfield and, it's campus in Bolivar to determine how much the woman may have embezzled.

The nursing school, which is located on South Fremont in Springfield, has handed documents relating to their investigation over to the SPD.

It appears that the scheme that A.P. allegedly used to skim money from the college is reminiscent of the one that Larry Covington and David Griggs allegedly used to steal money from the coffers from the City of Nixa.......small amounts over a long period of time.

Investigators say that the missing money could add up to over a half million dollars loss for the nursing school and that the investigation into the case, "could be lengthy."

He said auditors may have to call in outside "forensic criminal" auditors to assist the school internally.

The Republic Police Department arrested A. P. last week as part of an ongoing investigation there into missing funds from the PTO--- charges are pending against the suspect.

It appears that the woman was treasurer of the Republic PTO until March 3rd according to the PTO web site.

Yesterday The Republic School District sent a memo to employees advising them not discuss the missing funds or the investigation with anyone outside the school system.

A. P. has hired attorney Dee Wampler to represent her.