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Jury selection began today (03-19-09) in the capital murder trial of a Van Buren man accused of killing a state trooper.

It was four years ago that Lance Shockley allegedly gunned down Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Sergeant Carl DeWayne Graham Jr. in the driveway of his home as he returned home from work.

Prosecutors say that Shockley killed Graham because he was the driver of a vehicle that killed the fiancee of his wife's sister and believed an arrest was imminent.

A jury is being selected in Carter County and imported to Howell County for the trial.
Prosecutors are scheduled to make opening statements in the trial on Monday (03-23-09.)


Anonymous said...

Lance Shockley is not a "West Plains man." He has lived in Van Buren his entire life.

Anonymous said...

WHERE is Shockley's wife?? Did she even appear in court to support her husband being that she had a part in handling the bullets for her husband!! She needs to be brought in for more questionings!!!
Coree Shockley, the wife of Lance Shockleyeven delivered a box of .243-caliber ammunition to Lance's Uncle Robert, the same night Graham was shot and killed!!
This says enough to me!! Check her out! She has abandoned her husband, Lance and started a new life in a new town... She is running!! Catch her!!

Anonymous said...

Shockley recieved the death penalty today, (5-22-2009) in court at Van Buren. It is a shame now that he is able to appeal for the next 20 to 25 years at the States expense. It costs us tax payers approximately $30,000 a year to house, feed, and meet an inmates medical needs.
Sergeant Graham deserves better.

Anonymous said...

Someone said Coree Shockley is nowhere to be found. I would say it's a good bet that she gave a written deposition against Lance and "rolled" on him, and has now been relocated by law enforcement. Otherwise she was almost as guilty as Lance was. She was at the scene of the crime, and from what I have heard she even had the audacity to spit on Sergeant Graham as he lay there dieing. That would have placed evidentuary DNA at the scene implicating Coree Shockley as a participant of some kind in the crime.
I also found it quite ironic that the Carter County Sheriff happened to be out of state visiting the weekend Shockley was murdering Sergeant Carl Dewayne Graham.
There are alot of other things that just do not make sense with this case, this senseless, sad taking and changing of life that seems to have no merit or reason according to the investigation of Shockley taking place.

Anonymous said...

in no way is he given a fare and just trial i live in carter county and know from experince that the system os corupt and was at the trial. the jury of peres is suposed to be anonumus but in carter county every one knows you i can name hundreds of people in the surounding towns that the picked from and the simle fact of the matter is that lance was convicted with noo hard evidence.