10:30 AM

Detectives are still piecing together clues in the shooting death of Ozark Dodge co-owner Rufus Church.

Church was discovered in the garage/bay area of the business by a worker at the dealership about 6:30 a.m. on Monday (03-23-09) with a shotgun wound to the chest.

A search warrant served at the dealership yesterday (03-24-09) says that detectives found broken glass inside the dealership.
Detectives also searched vehicles on the lot for clues in addition to collecting blood, hair, guns, shell casings, cell phones, computers and other documents for leads in the case.

An insider says that, "it is very unlikely that the shotgun blast that killed Church was self-inflicted."

The dealership, which sits on the north side of CC, just west of Highway 65 in Ozark is in the process of trying to liquidate all their inventory, but has not declared bankruptcy.


Anonymous said...

This has the feeling of the mob in Ozark considering the financial situation and the timing of the murder. It happened early in the morning like he was there to meet someone before they opened for the day. The police are being very quiet about it. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Until more info is revealed we can only speculate obviously, but it does seem mysterious. "Mob" related I'm not so sold on, but suspicious nonetheless.