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Two sailors who were charged with attacking two prostitutes in Tijuana last week are now facing murder charges for the death of another prostitute in the border town in January.

Jarrett Mozingo, who is from Cabool (on the right), and Joshua Dockery of New Jersey, have been charged with the January 17th death of 19 year-old Mayte Victoria Delgado Flores in Tijuana.

Officials say that Flores, who was allegedly seen entering the Lafayette Hotel with Monzingo and Dockery, was smothered to death.

The U. S. Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, CA, is about 14.5 miles from the border of Mexico. The Lafayette Hotel sits on Revolucion Avenue, which is about three tenths of a mile from the border.

Authorities say that early last Thursday (02-05-09) Monzingo and Dockery met with two sisters, who were working as prostitutes, and rented rooms at Hotel 273 in the Zona Norte district of Tijuana.

Municipal police say that Mozingo and Dockery allegedly attacked the two prostitutes, choking one and stabbing the other. The hotel manager was stabbed in the attack as well, according to reports.

Monzingo and Dockery are facing attempted murder and assault charges in that incident (02-05-09).

There is a link to video by Tijuana TV station XEWT of the arrests of Dockery and Monzingo at this site. There is also an interview with Dockery's father posted there as well.

Monzingo is assigned to Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 30, based at North Island Naval Air Station in Coronado, Calif where he was training to be a Navy Seal.

Dockery is assigned to Naval Special Warfare Command at Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, Calif., where he recently attended the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL course.

Dockery and Monzingo are being held at the notorious La Mesa Prison near Tijuana as the investigation continues.

Naval spokesman Doug Sayres says that commands of U.S. service members who are arrested and confined in Mexican jails are required to arrange for regular visits to the jail or prison. They must also provide daily meals and "comfort items" for like clothing, towels, sheets, soap and razors.

The sailors’ arrests come six weeks after top Navy and Marine Corps commanders ordered more restrictions for service members who want to visit Mexico.

All Navy personnel up to the rank of first-class petty officer must get their commanders’ approval, must register with the U.S. consulate, complete anti-terrorism security training and have an approved liberty buddy before crossing the border.

Both Monzingo and Dockery failed to follow official protocol in traveling to Mexico..... they did not have the permission of their commanding officer with their chain to travel across the border. The pair also did not register with the U.S. consulate.

Sayres said that the Navy has hired Mexican lawyers to represent the petty officers.

KSPR is reporting that close family friend Kathy Wells has been in touch with the family. Wells says, "He told his mother—point blank—that they went to a whorehouse,” says Wells. “It was not a hotel or a motel; it was a whorehouse. They were attacked while they were there, and they fought back."

Family and friends of Jarrett Monzingo say that it is important to keep this story in the news because once the sailors are forgotten, they believe, they will be in trouble.

****There is video of the crime scene and Monzingo and Dockery's arrest at the following link:



Anonymous said...

what happened with this case? i cant find any information beyond february 19, 2009. I find it odd that there was no resolution to this case?

Anonymous said...

I find it odd as well

Kathee Baird said...

I have called the Navy PIO in San Diego who said he would get back to me.....never has. I also contacted a couple of news agencies in SD and basically got the same response.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a coverup. Its wierd that even the family hasn't mentioned anything... Maybe a prisoner swap or something. There was a myspace page created for monzingo in feb '09. But no updates. I wonder what the family would say if someone got in contact with them...

Anonymous said...

Still no news coverage at all these are navy seals

Anonymous said...

I actually worked with border patrol as part of a military unit known as Shore Patrol. At the time i was working there (a lil over a year ago) they were still imprisioned in TJ.

Kathee Baird said...

@ anon April 4: Do you know if they've been tried yet?


Anonymous said...

I bet they were set upon and defended thenselves. That place is known as a meth fueled den of iniquity. I lved in T J for eight years and passed by there many times. Really bad vibe, lots of young "toughs" hanging around. Great place to rob a "mark" then vamoose. Many better joints in the neighborhood. That was one foul spot from the word go. Those two young dummies never had a chance.

Anonymous said...

Food for thought: I knew this sailor personally. A week before this incident I counseled him. He told me he had no issues with sabotaging aircraft and killing pilots. He felt overwhelmed by the fact that he could not complete BUDS. He was prohibited from working on aircraft...and then this.