4:13 PM
A Webster County woman is on life support after being assaulted outside her apartment building on Thursday (02-12-09).

A neighbor who found the 34 year-old woman thought she was dead lying next to her car at the Chalet Manor Apartments in Fordland a little after 7 a.m. and called 911.

Keys and shattered glass were found near where the woman's body was found.

Family members say the woman has extensive head injuries after being bludgeoned with a whisky bottle.

Friends say that the woman, who was struggling after a difficult divorce, was turning her life around before she was attacked.

Webster County Sheriff Roye Cole says the woman's injuries are more severe because she suffered from hypothermia as a result of laying beside her car for an undermined amount of time before being discovered.

Investigators are searching for two women who are considered persons of interest in the case.