5:18 PM
It was four years ago that a Willard man allegedly stomped his grandmother to death with a pair of steel toe boots.

Now, after playing cat and mouse with both sides of the law, he has decided that he wants a jury trial.

Joe Davidson Music was charged with his grandmothers, Frances Nadine Giehl', death in 2004. He is also charged with second-degree elder abuse and two counts of armed criminal action for his grandmas death.

The Greene County Prosecutors office offered Music a sweet plea deal of eleven years in prison......but he has decided to take his chances with a jury.

His public defender says that up until the last few days she had every indication that Music would accept the deal. Public Defender, Cristy Meadows, concedes that Music will probably be found guilty because, "it looks like we're going to trial with a client who's unwilling or unable to assist us."

Music is also accused of injuring his great-grandmother, 89-year-old Eva Aslinger. According to the probable cause statement, Aslinger's caretaker said she witnessed Music "kicking and jumping on Giehl's face and head as she lay on the exterior porch of the residence."

Music was contemplating a plea offer, but decided to go to trial yesterday. That is scheduled to begin on February 17, 2009 in Greene County.

Music was being housed at the Missouri Department of Mental Health’s Fulton State Hospital but was transported to Springfield for a 3:30 p.m. plea hearing where he will remain until trial, according to public defender Cristy Meadows.