3:33 PM
A judge in Utah has ruled that a man who allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend, then stuffed her body into a 50 gallon plastic bin and, drove to Branson with her dead body in the woman's stolen car incompetent to stand trial.

Authorities filed first-degree murder charges, theft and obstruction of justice charges against Michael Doyel in the death of Deborah Jones last April.

Jones allegedly told authorities and family members that Doyel had been harassing her in the days leading up to her disappearance.

Cops found Jones' vehicle in the parking lot at the 76 Inn Motel in Branson.

Authorities used triangulation from cell phones that Doyel and Murray had in their position that narrowed their search to Branson

Taney County Coroner Kevin Tweedy says that an autopsy showed that Jones' cause of death was strangulation, or positional asphyxiation; that happens when a person is put in an awkward position and can't get enough air into their lungs.

State and Federal prosecutors are reviewing the case as well because they believe Doyel allegedly kidnapped another woman, Patricia Murray, 59, of West Valley City, Utah, and brought her with him to Branson.

Prosecutors will review the case on May 23, 2009.

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