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UPDATE: A jury has been picked, but not sworn in, in the first degree murder trial of Paula Hall.

The jury was picked on Monday, however, with the wicked weather that Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas have received this week, it has delayed the start of the trial until at least early next week.

Hall, who is from Sparta, is accused of killing 68 year-old Freda Heyn, who was last seen at the post-office in Oldfield in early November of 2003.

There were massive searches for the elderly woman that brought strangers together to search for Heyn five years ago.

Heyn's husband of 47 years, Fred, said he would never give up trying to find out exactly what happened to her......because she would do the same for him.

Heyn's skull were found in the spring 2004 in the Mark Twain National Forest near Garrison, which is south of Oldfield.

According to the probable cause statement filed with the charges against, David D. Epperson, who told detectives that Billy Hall brought Heyn to his home near Oldfield on Sunday evening, Nov. 2, 2003. Epperson told investigators that when Hall arrived with the elderly woman she was bleeding from an injury.

After Billy Hall and Heyn arrived, Epperson told the detective, Paula Hall (below) went outside on the front porch and hit Heyn in the head with a golf club at least four times.

Epperson testified at Paula Hall's preliminary hearing that after Heyn was gravely wounded the trio left the woman's body on the side of the house and went inside to use methamphetamine.

The case was moved on a change of venue from Christian County to Taney County.


Anonymous said...

I hope that the people responsible for this crime are brought to justice. I do NOT want to spend tax payer money to keep these thugs alive and well in prison! I think they should suffer death.