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A former Jasper County Sheriff's deputy has been bound over for trial for allegedly conspiring to have the mother of his child killed.

Authorities in Jasper County and Joplin teamed up with the ex-wife of Casey Simmons to bug her car in order to catch Simmons plotting to kill Kimberlee Wilson LeClaire.

LeClaire at one time had been Misty Simmons best friend.....until she got pregnant by him. But hard feelings and anger were not going to let Misty Simmons be part of a plan to kill LeClaire.

On October 30, 2008, Misty met Casey in a cemetery in Carterville, it is there that Casey Simmons laid out his plan to get rid of Kimberlee LeClaire.

He suggests that chloroform could be used on LeClaire, "the only hang-up is getting the body - her, to where we want to dispose of her."

Misty chimes in that she is worried about helicopters with heat seeking radar and cadaver dogs. He explains that's why, "packaging" the body is important.

Casey wants to use, "numerous, numerous layers," of Saran Wrap before stuffing LeClaire's body in a garment bag and filling the bag with lime, "to mask the smell."

Casey Simmons tells his former wife, "I ain't going to prison forever."

What Casey Simmons didn't know was that his former field training officer in Jasper County, Detective Mike McDonald, was waiting in the cemetery and was part of the team that had wired Misty's car for sound and video.

McDonald testified at Simmons preliminary hearing last week (1/8/2009) that Misty Simmons had met with him in mid-October in Webb City to tell him that Casey wanted to kill LeClaire and, gave him permission to wire her vehicle.

McDonald had worked with the former deputy in the patrol division and on the SWAT team. Simmons was employed at the Jasper County Sheriff's Department from January 2005 until September of 2008 when he was fired for violating department policy.

Casey Simmons tells Misty that as he is killing Kim he will tell her, "I'm killing you so I can go be with Misty."

He's not sure how he will kill her, but breaking her neck, hitting her over the head with a rock, and strangling her are all possible scenarios in Casey Simmons plot to kill LeClaire.

Disposing of the body quickly is a concern for Simmons who decides that somewhere, "really rural," would probably be best.

On November 4th, the day that most adults in the United States were out electing a new President, Casey Simmons was allegedly at the local Wal-Mart buying a tarp, duct tape, a pair of athletic shoes (at one point on the tape Misty says he should by them one size too big,) and trash bags.....prosecutors say it was all part of the scheme to get rid of his former lover.

On the same day that Casey Simmons went shopping for part of his alleged kill kit, investigators made the decision that they needed to ask for an arrest warrant for the former law enforcer.

The judge in the case ruled that the state does indeed have enough evidence against Casey Simmons to proceed to trial. He will be formally arraigned in Circuit Court on January 16, 2009.

Lawyers for Simmons, who has been in jail since his arrest, asked that his bail be reduced from $100,000. Judge Richard Copeland denied that request.

Simmons, 26, remains in jail in another county in southwest Missouri for safety reasons.


Anonymous said...

CASEY simmons is not in jail today, But i wish he where. and he lives in Joplin, and works in Joplin too

Anonymous said...

yes @ he drives a taxi in joplin...how is he released?

Anonymous said...

I know right and she didn't even say thank you!

Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that this only covers one side of the story. If this is supposed to be in investigative blog it seems as only the newspaper cliping was the only thing investigated and not those involved in the situtation.

Kathee Baird said...

I got my information from the probable cause statement that was used as the basis for the charge. I then linked other stories to my own so my readers could read the others if they liked.

It appears that Simmons may plead out on Friday October 15th.


Anonymous said...

Is it a plea change? What are the reprocutions to his charges? Will he serve jail time for this?

Anonymous said...

Some of the information today in the news was crap FYI

Anonymous said...

i was there today and i feel that for some of the things that where said in this court we all are gulity and yes where is the other party that was involed in it she i feel is just as guilty as him then if that what they think she should go to jail as well set up or not she has just as much part in it as he did but i forgot when u help some people it is ok for them to be free and out .also your freedem of speech in this world now comes down to you cant say anything anymore cause u might go to jail or because u get mad at a ex and all u have to do i run to the cops and then that person is goin to jail cause u wanted to get back at them the hard way

Anonymous said...

this case was as much of a set up deal as i have ever seen . i know he was talking trash and went to walmart to buy stuff but that was just to get into the other girls pants she was the one that wanted it to happen and he wasnt realy going to do it . but she tricked him to buy the stuff so her and her whore friends could lock him up. curupt people and curupt ways.

Anonymous said...

I know Casey personally. We dated for a few years. yes he was set up. he was guilty of being with too many women at once. he would have never done anything. i love him and can't wait until he gets out of jail. innocent men should not be locked up when plenty of guilty men walk free. free casey!!!

Anonymous said...

Hes out of prison causing trouble

Anonymous said...

Hes out of prison and causing trouble