10:45 PM
A man from Columbia, MO, is the latest victim of some good detective work by the Stone County Sheriff's department.

Stacey L. Winkler, 38, made contact with a deputy posing as an underage girl in an internet chat room and then sent nude photos of himself to the deputy.

Winkler, has been charged with felony sexual misconduct or attempt involving a child under 15 years of age and is in the Stone County jail on $15,000 cash only bond. If convicted he could up to four years in prison.

Earlier this week Sheriff Richard Hill said that his department had made four arrests with a deputy posing as an underage girl in a chat room when they arrested Wesley Darin Combes of Oklahoma.


News Release

Stone County Deputies traveled to Columbia, MO on Thursday to arrest a suspect that was making contact with an undercover deputy on an Internet chat room. The deputy posed as an underage female, and the suspect made contact with the deputy, and then sent the deputy nude photos of himself.

Arrested was Stacey L. Winkler, age 38, of Columbia, MO. He was arrested on a Stone County Warrant for Sexual Misconduct or Attempt involving a Child under 15 yrs of age, a Class D Felony. Winkler could receive up to 4 years in the Missouri Department of Corrections.

Stone County deputies are returning Winkler to the Stone County jail today. Bond has been set at $15,000 Cash Only.

Richard L. Hill
Sheriff, Stone County