5:27 PM
The body that hunters discovered in a tool box type container near AA and Kinfolk Road in Laclede County last Saturday was definitely a woman, and it was definitely a homicide.

Laclede County coroner, Steve Murrell, says, " I'm surprised no one has reported this woman missing." Murrell said that the woman was well cared for, and had had her wisdom teeth and a molar pulled. She also had undergone a laporoscopic gall bladder surgery and a full hysterectomy.

The woman according to Murrell, "was in her pajamas and found in a heavy plastic hinged container that was about four and half feet long by two foot wide that ." Murrell says that cops had to use bolt cutters to get into the container.

The woman is described as being a white woman between 25 and 40 years of age who was approximately 5' 5" and 5' 8" tall, weighed about 135 lbs., and had medium length (between 7 & 10 inches) brown hair. It is also believed that she probably delivered at least one child. In addition, the coroner says, "she was well manicured, had no tattoos, and her ears had been pierced at least once."

Murell says that "she was folded up in that container, and then concrete was poured on top of her......we do have a cause of death, however, we're not releasing it at this time" Murrell said that it is believed the woman had been dead for about ten days to two weeks before her body was discovered.

Investigators with the Missouri Highway patrol are assisting detectives in Laclede county with their investigation. Murrell says he does not believe the woman was local and that authorities are searching missing persons records in Missouri and surrounding states hoping to catch a break in identifying her.

If you have any information that can assist investigators call the Laclede County Sheriff's department at 417-532-2311.