4:53 PM
Alberta Comstock wants the wrongful death lawsuit filed against her by her daughter dismissed.

A year after Rolland Comstock was killed, his daughter, Faith Stocker, filed the lawsuit against her mother Alberta. Alberta Comstock and Michael Comstock have been named persons of interest in the death of the former State Representative and probate attorney.

No charges have been filed against Alberta Comstock, or anyone else in Rolland Comstocks death; and that is the basis of a motion that her attorney filed with the court last month.

Sheriff elect Jim Arnott told me today that "I don't anticipate the sheriffs department report making it to the prosecutors office before January."

According to Arnott, there is a new investigator looking at the case that has not been involved in the case before now. Arnott says, "that investigator is researching and studying this case from the beginning," adding "we don't want any surprises to pop up after we present our case to the prosecutor.....we want to do the surprising."