6:26 PM
Authorities in Springfield say a former health trainer at St. Johns Health Tracks Facility on South Fremont allegedly convinced four females, one of them a minor, to weigh themselves naked, while he secretly video recorded it.

The man who is in his late 20's was fired from his job, but, has so far not been charged with a crime. The Springfield News-Leader reported Friday that he admitted what he did to police. He could face federal child pornography charges in the case of the minor, and second degree invasion of privacy charges in the others.

A search warrant served on the suspect says that the health care trainer told the women to weigh nude to obtain a more accurate weight, and that he allegedly moved the scales into a secluded room for privacy.

Records show that police found two videotapes in a trash can at the man’s residence, and that he told them they contained footage of three young women and the teenager.