11:32 AM
The murder of a Joplin man two years ago has garnered a profile on a national crime show. Now cops in Jasper County are hoping that someone will call in with a tip to Americas Most Wanted and give the fugitive, who is an illegal immigrant, up.

Detectives say that, Joshua Olson of Duenweg, MO., and a friend went out searching for two brothers that Olson believed were responsible for stealing the rims off of his vehicle on July 14, 2006.

Their search led them to a house in the 1600 block of South Pearl St. in Joplin. It was there that Josh and his friend tracked down, Jose Deleon Alberto-Cazares, who cops say uses the street name "Chino," and Gerardo Cazares Jr., who is known as "Jerry." Law enforcers say that Olson told the Cazares brothers that he wanted his property back.

Lieutenant Brian Lewis, with the Joplin Police Department, says that an "argument started to boil over between Josh and the Cazares brothers, and to avoid further conflict, Josh turned away and walked to his car." Enraged, Jose Cazares followed Olson to his car, where at point blank range he shot the man in the head.

Detective Mike Hobson says that investigators initially hit some stumbling blocks in the beginning of their probe into Olson's murder. The friend who accompanied Olson to the Cazares brothers house didn't want to identify the alleged shooter because "he wanted to take matters into his own hands and avenge his friends death."

The Jasper County prosecutors office issued a felony warrant for Jose "Chino" Cazares Jr., on July 21, 2007. He has been charged with second degree murder and armed criminal action in Joshua Olson's death. No charges have been file against, Gerardo "Jerry" Cazares Jr., however, investigators want to talk with him.

Lewis says that Jose "Chino" Cazares has numerous aunts and uncles who live in Brownsville, Texas, and authorities believe that he is traveling back and forth between the border town and Matamoras, Mexico, where agents are on the lookout for him.