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A young man from Texas County who was originally charged with second degree murder, but, who has agreed to help prosecutors with their murder cases against his father and brother was sentenced to seven years in prison on Tuesday.

Andrew Geise, 19, agreed to help prosecutors last month shortly before his trial was to begin. Investigators say that in March of 2006, Nathaniel "Tommy" Geise and his father, Kurt, were participants in the death of 19 year-old Travis Walker.

Walker and two friends drove to the Geise home looking for the person they believed was responsible for attempting to force their vehicle of the road on March 19, 2006.

Kurt Geise allegedly pulled Robert Brummitt, who was the driver, from the car and held him at gunpoint while Andrew Geise beat him with an aluminum baseball bat.

Walker was also beaten by Andrew Geise before Tommy Geise allegedly fired the shot that killed him, according to prosecutors.

Nathaniel "Tommy" Geise' trial is scheduled to begin in April of next year; his father, Kurt's is scheduled to get underway in May of 2009.

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