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The last time anyone remembers seeing Ger Lee was in January of this year. By May, relatives knew why. Lee's decomposing body was found by a farmer cutting his field south of Granby. Lee had been shot in the head according to the medical examiner.

Ger Lee's cousin, John, called authorities in Newton County after he recognized a Buddhist necklace he believed belonged to his cousin. Authorities released a picture of the necklace found with the remains through the media in May with the hope that someone would recognize the distinctive piece of jewelry.

According to John Lee, he and Ger were members of a small Laotian community near Cassville, and that Ger Lee suffered from an addiction to opium. With that information authorities started delving into Ger Lee's past.

That led them to St. Paul, Minnesota, where the victim and a passenger had been pulled over in June of 2007 for possible involvement in a shooting incident. Cops in Minnesota say that Ger Lee had almost $1,400 in cash and nearly a pound of opium on him when he was stopped, and after serving a search warrant on a room at a motel that he had a key for, another $10,000 in cash was found. He was charged with first-degree possession of narcotics.

According to a booking sheet at one point Ger asked detectives for "his medicine." When asked what he meant, he told cops "the stuff in the console, it's opium....I just bought it and use it as a painkiller."

According to Ger Lee's girlfriend, Soun Sachao, a man accompanied Lee back to the Cassville area near the beginning of 2007 and that he had distinctive tattoos that covered his hands. Newton County sheriff, Ken Copeland, said those hand tattoos match the description of the ones of the man who was the passenger in Lee's car when it was pulled over in 2007.

Lee, was driving a black Acura with Minnesota plates just before his disappearance, and investigators assumed that the vehicle had been driven back to Minnesota by his killer. However, authorities tracked the Acura to a wrecker service in Lawrence County. It had been towed there after it was found abandoned at the Talbot Conservation are on or about Jan. 20.

Newton County sheriff's investigators say that their inquiry into Ger Lee's death has reached a lull. Chief Deputy Chris Jennings said leads in the 40 year-old mans murder have been run down, but, that they have not proved fruitful. He added that detectives aren't abandoning the case, but that it is at a stand still.

If you have any information on the murder of Ger Lee, you are asked to call the Newton County sheriff's office at 417- 451-8300 or 417-451-8333.