1:47 PM
Two friends from southwest Missouri thought they had conspired the perfect crime, however, the long arm of the law figured it out.

Etta Harper, of Shell Knob, and Naomi Nance attempted to cover up the murder of Naomi's husband, William Nance, three years ago.

Detectives say that Harper's fiancé, Dennis Bisher, bludgeoned William Nance with a hammer, shot him and then dumped the man's body in the Mississippi River where three fisherman found the mans body. Harper and Nance's wife set the Nance home on fire to cover up the murder.

Etta Harper entered an Alford plea for arson in June, and was sentenced to four years in prison yesterday. Harper’s Alford plea means she doesn’t admit guilt but concedes prosecutors have enough evidence to secure a conviction.

On Tuesday, Naomi Nance pleaded guilty to arson, and she is set to be sentenced in November.

Bisher's trial was moved to Lafayette County where he was convicted of first degree murder and he was sentenced to a life sentence without possibility of parole; he also was sentenced to a consecutive 99 year sentence on an armed criminal action charge.