Leviathon Lee Dipman (mug shot VCSO)

It was almost two years ago that two teen aged girls from Nevada were stabbed to death and a friend of the girls was charged with their murders.

Authorities say the investigation into the murders of Kylie Leyva, 14 and Anne "Annie" E. Reed, 18, has been ongoing and detectives arrested a second man in connection to the May 24, 2009, double homicide last week.

On Thursday February 17th, Leviathon  Lee Dipman, 20, of Nevada was charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection to Leyva and Reed's deaths.  He is being held on a $1 Million dollars cash only bond.

Another man, Garrett Matthew Mason, 19, also of Nevada was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and armed criminal the day of his classmates murders.
Garrett Matthew Mason (mug shot VCSO)
 In the probable cause statement filed with the charges against Mason, Nevada Police Officer Pamela Miller writes she and two other officers found Kylie Leyva and Anne "Annie" Reed suffering from multiple serious stab wounds at Reed's North Cedar Street apartment.
Kylie Leyva (l.) and Anne E. Reed

Just a few hours before the attack, Kylie had called her mother to tell her she was having fun watching movies with Annie.

Court documents reveal that Mason told investigators he had spent several hours with the girls at Reed's apartment before he allegedly stabbed them.

After she was stabbed, Reed was able to get out of the apartment and run to a neighbors house for help.  She told the neighbor that Garrett Mason stabbed her and her friend.

Three other witnesses told authorities in written statements that Mason came to their home with what appeared to be fresh blood on his body and his clothes. The witnesses told investigators that Mason changed his clothes and put them in a backpack, which he placed in the trunk of his car.  Those friends told authorities that Mason wanted them to provide an alibi for him by telling authorities he was with them at the time of the double murder. 

When investigators arrived at Mason's mother's house he was sitting on the curb waiting for them.  Mason's trial is scheduled to begin in April. However, several sources say that Mason may plead guilty on March 7th.

More information on Dipman's arrest and his role in the murder will be available tomorrow when documents can be obtained from the Vernon County Circuit Clerks Office. 

Authorities say additional arrests in the murders of Kylie Leyva and Annie Reed could be made.  They are asking anyone who may have information in this case to call them at 417- 448-2700.


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This is great information! Do you have any sources? I've been scouring the internet for information on this.


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from the start the nevada pd knew that he and a girl name amanda was also with garrett they should have locked them both up life in prison death is to good for them i was friends with kylie family