Alison Peck registered sex offender

The former band director at Greenfield High School was sentenced in Dade County today to five years probation for two counts of statutory rape of a student in three different counties.

According to the probable cause statements filed with the charges, authorities say that a 16-year-old boy started texting Peck over last years (2008) Christmas break. In January, the teenager says that he began visiting Peck's home in Mt. Vernon and that the two had sex at the teachers Lawrence County apartment on numerous occasions.

Prosecutors in Dade County filed two counts of statutory rape against the former educator after the boy, who is the same victim in all of the cases against Peck, told them that Peck would pick him up on a road near his home and that they would drive to Fiddler's Ford Road where they would have sex.

Greene County prosecutors charged Peck with the statutory rape in May after friends of the woman's arranged a liaison between the teacher and the boy at the American Inn in Springfield. One of Peck's friends told investigators that she rented the room in her name after Peck told her that she was being watched by authorities.
What that means is that she received five years probation in three counties for four counts of statutory, one count of statutory sodomy in the three counties and must register as a sex offender. Those sentences are to run concurrently (at the same time.)

Attorney Steve Meier

According to Peck's attorney, Steve Meier, Peck has lost her teacher certification, "she just went ahead and mailed it in," he says. Alison has taken accountability for her actions and has taken the necessary steps to try and make this right. Hopefully, she can pick herself up and find a new passion and become a productive member of society."

The father of the victim hired attorney Craig Heidemann who filed a civil lawsuit against Peck in Greene County for $1.9 MILLION dollars plus attorneys fees. Peck appeared in court for the civil motion yesterday and was ordered to pay $250,000 plus $25,000 in attorneys fees by Judge Mark Fitzsimmons.

Peck must now register as a sex offender.