Johnny Schwartz mug shot

Four bishops of the Amish community in Webster County have been charged with failure to report the sexual abuse of two girls.

Jacob Schwartz, 79; Christian Schwartz 41; Emmanuel Eicher, 44, and Peter Eicher are required by law as mandated reporters to report any allegation of any kind of abuse.
One of the bishops told a sheriff's investigators, "that it was against the Amish Rules to report child sexual abuse."

Last month Johnny Schwartz was charged with several sex offenses related to the alleged ongoing molestation of his daughters. He remains in the Webster County jail on $150,000 bond.
His wife, Fannie (b.), has been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child for not reporting the abuse of her girls.

The girls told investigators that their father had been shunned by the church for molesting them.

In the probable cause statement filed with the charges against Johnny Schwartz, one of the girls told investigators with the Child Advocacy Center that her dad told her, "he was sorry, but could not stop doing it."

The girls mom allegedly told investigator Rick Hamilton that the sexual abuse of her girls, "didn't bother her like it should have."

The prosecutors office was not sure if Johnny Schwartz is related to Christian and Jacob Schwartz.

Webster County Prosecutor Danette Padgett says that her focus on abuse is not just focused on the Amish community. Padgett says her office will pursue charges against any mandated reporter who does not report the sexual or physical abuse of any child in her county.


Unknown said...

I didn't think ministers wree mandatory reporters, interesting.

Unknown said...

They aren't supposed to be....It's like attorney/client privledge or doctor/patient privledge...Unless the religoius leaders take no steps to stop or prevent the abuse, such as counseling, that not working, reporting to authorities is REQUIRED. That is the law.