The wife of an Amish man charged last week with several sex offenses involving two of his children is facing charges herself for not protecting her kids.

Fannie Schwartz (a.), 47, Seymour, is facing two counts of endangering the welfare of a child because prosecutors say she knew her husband, Johnny Schwartz, was sexually assaulting her daughters and did nothing to stop him.

The probable cause statement filed with the charges against Johnny Schwartz (b.), 36, says that police were summoned to Cox South hospital by the mans wife who told investigators that her husband was there because he was upset about something he allegedly did to two girls and he was there to, "seek help."

The girls told investigators that their father, "had been punished by his church," for molesting them in the past.

The girls mother allegedly told investigator Rick Hamilton that the sexual abuse of the girls, didn't bother her like it should have."