Two people from Nixa have been charged with involuntary manslaughter for not summoning help for a diabetic man who was in their care.

Christian County prosecutor Ron Cleek says that on May 26, 2007, Donna K. Watts, 67, and James Harvill, 75, failed to call 911 as Edgar Gilmore went into diabetic shock and then fell into diabetic coma.

According to the probable cause statement, Watts says she knew that Gilmore, 85, was a diabetic who had been released from the VA hospital the previous day.

Watts told Deputy D. J. Outhouse that when she tried to wake Gilmore up about 8:30 the next morning he was unresponsive. “Donna stated that she couldn’t wake Edgar that morning and that she believed that something was wrong with him,” according to the statement.

Watts then allegedly called Harvill to come sit with Gilmore while she went to an estate sale, the statement said. Harvill told investigators that when Watts left the house at 9:30 he knew that Gilmore was sick and didn't get the man any help.

Harvill told Outhouse that he checked on Gilmore several times during the day and found him, "groaning, grunting and rolling his head but otherwise unresponsive."

The probable cause statement goes on to say that Harvill said, "he had told a neighbor he was going to have Donna call 911 when she got home but that he never called himself."

When Watts returned home from the estate sale about 2:30 that afternoon she called 911. Gilmore lingered in diabetic coma for about a month before he died.

In a letter to police, Gilmore's physician, Dr. El Fatmi said, "an earlier intervention might have helped save this patient."

Donna Watts is also charged with felony stealing in connection with this case. It is alleged that she stole $1,000 from a lock box in Gilmore's room sometime between May 26 and June 29, 2007 and hid it in her safety deposit box.

It was until Mr. Gilmore's possessions were inventoried that the money was discovered missing. When asked if she planned to keep the money Donna replied, "it was my plan, but then we gave it back."