The two men accused of allegedly killing an elderly Carthage couple are due in court at 9 a.m. tomorrow for their preliminary hearings in Jasper County.

Robert and Ellen Sheldon (above,) and the family dog were found stabbed to on October 12, 2008, by their son when they didn't show up for church. Prosecutors allege that the Sheldon's were killed when they returned home from a church function the evening of October 11th when they walked in on Darren Winans, 21 , Jasper, and Matthew Laurin, 19, Springfield, burglarizing their home/and or business The Old Cabin Shop.

Matthew Laurin (above)

In the probable cause statement filed with the first-degree murder charges against both men, a detective wrote that Winans and another man had stolen a gun from the Old Cabin Shop in September. Sheriff Archie Dunn says he believes Winans and Laurin went back to Sheldon's home and business because, "they were easy targets."

Darren Winans (above)

Winans public defender has filed a motion with the court to have his client moved to another jail because he has been beaten up by jailers because of his alleged involvement in the former reserve deputy and his wife's murder.
The motion also asks the court to preserve any audio or video evidence of the alleged abuse of Winans.