A first year band teacher at a Dade County High School is facing several sex related charges involving one of her students.

Missouri State Highway Patrol Investigator, Sgt. Dan Nash, writes in the probable cause statement filed with the charges that the 16-year-old boy started texting Greenfield High School music teacher, Alison M. Peck, over last years Christmas break.

Nash says the teenager admitted to him that a "sexual relationship" began when the Peck picked him up near his home in Dade County and the two traveled in the teachers car to Fiddler's Ford Road and engaged in oral and vaginal sex.

In January, the teenager says that he began visiting Peck's home in Mt. Vernon and that the two had sex at the teachers residence on numerous occasions.
Prosecutors in Dade County filed two statutory rape charges against Peck last Friday and the Lawrence County Prosecutor filed one count of statutory rape and another statutory sodomy charge against the teacher today.

Peck filed for divorce from her husband in January, it became final in March.

If the 23 year-old teacher is convicted, she could be sentenced up to seven years on each of the charges.

Peck, who has resigned her teaching position, posted $100,000 bond and was released from custody.

UPDATE (05-22-09):

A former Dade County high school band teacher accused of having sex with one of her students in Dade and Lawrence Counties, is in trouble again for the same thing.....with the same student---this time in Greene County.
Another statutory rape charge was filed against Alison M. Peck this morning.
The probable cause statement says that two female friends of Peck, J.F. & B.A., arranged to pick up the 16 year-old at a Willard McDonalds and then take him to rendezvous with the teacher at American Inn in Springfield on May 15, 2009 where they had sex and spent the night together.

One of the friends told Highway Patrol investigator Dan Nash that she rented the room in her name because Peck told her she was being watched by authorities.
Pecks friends may be charged with crimes related to the case as early as next Tuesday.

Peck, 23, is also facing charges of tampering with a victim or witness in a case. Prosecutors say Peck had sex with the student numerous time near his home at Fiddler's Ford in Dade County----and at her Lawrence County apartment in early 2009.

This is the fourth statutory rape charge filed against Peck who is also facing one count of statutory sodomy.

She is being held in the Greene County jail on $200,000 bond.



Anonymous said...

The husband is the respondent in the divorce case. But that's not juicy enough is it?

Kathee Baird said...

I corrected the mistake. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

FYI, Peck is being held in the Greene County jail on a PC hold pending charges.